Activity Analysis Paper

With great relief, I can say that the Activity Analysis paper for Music Perception has been accepted for publication! I don’t know exactly when it will come out but here are the essential components:

Activity Analysis and Coordination in Continuous Responses to Music

by Finn Upham and Stephen McAdams


Music affects us physically and emotionally. Determining when changes in these reactions tend to manifest themselves can help us understand how and why. Activity Analysis quantifies alignment of response events across listeners and listenings through continuous responses to musical works. Its coordination tests allow us to determine if there is enough inter-response coherence to merit linking their summary time series to the musical event structure and to identify moments of exceptional alignment in response events. In this paper, we apply Activity Analysis to continuous ratings from several music experiments, using this wealth of data to compare its performance with that of statistics used in previous studies. We compare the Coordination Scores and nonparametric measures of local activity coordination to other coherence measures, including those derived from correlations and Cronbach’s α. Activity Analysis reveals the variation in coordination of participants’ responses for different musical works, picks out moments of coordination in response to different interpretations of the same music, and demonstrates that responses along the two dimensions in continuous 2D rating tasks can be independent.


Download the Author’s Version (pdf, 4MB) and check out the latest version of the Activity Analysis Matlab Toolbox (Github, download files directly)

Besides vast improvements in terms of writing style and the like, this version also includes a quick comparison of ratings to two performances of the same piece. Here is the figure related to that analysis.

FIGURE 8. Continuous ratings of felt emotional arousal ratings to two different interpretations of the Renaissance madrigal Il blanco e dolce cigno by J. Arcadelt. A) 30 ratings (Rsp (Rec)) and their average times series (Avg) to a recording by the King’s Singers, plotted in metrical time and C) 17 ratings (Rsp (Rec)) and their average (Avg) to a live performance by the semi-professional choir, the Orpheus Singers, plotted in metrical time. B) The activity levels of rating increases (minimum 2.5% in 2-s time frames) on overlapping time frames, aligned in metrical time, of ratings to the recording above (Rec (inc)) (max NPC Score, 3.3), and to the live performance below (Live (inc)) (max NPC score, 3.3), with time frames of locally extreme high and low activity levels (X-Act) marked in grey circles and black diamonds.

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