Dancing Diaries

Now out there as a podcast! It should be findable in the itunes directory soon, but either way, you can pick up the feed here

Finn’s Montreal Dancing Diaries are audio logs of the variety of dance experiences I’ve picked up around Montreal. Bits of history, context, personal insights and interviews are all mixed over the sounds of the physical activity. These are produced for CKUT 90.3 FM, aired on Movement Museum which plays 2-3 PM EST on Thursday afternoons.

Montreal Dancing Diaries Step 7: The Swing!

Special Montreal Dancing Diaries Step 6: Bust A Move VI

Montreal Dancing Diaries Step 5: Belly Dancing

Montreal Dancing Diaries Step 4: Street Dance in the Studio

Montreal Dancing Diaries Step 3: The Ceili

Montreal Dancing Diaries Step 2: Going Solo

Montreal Dancing Diaries Step 1: The Tango

I am producing these to inspire more dancing in the world, of all types and degrees of proficiency, but the idea and motivation comes from my interest in the interaction between music and dance. As a music researcher, I am looking to experience as many forms and contexts of dancing to explore how these deeply associated phenomena work.

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