Past Projects


In 2009, I began working with Amadeus Pro to edit interviews and sound segments for radio and my own research purposes. One output of my audio work was for the Movement Museum program on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal, which I cohosted for a few seasons. For the show, I made a series called Finn’s Montreal Dancing Diaries. Each episode (still around online) is a presentation of my experience trying some form of dance. The segments were relatively short, five to ten minutes long, and generally included interviews with instructors, sounds of the dancing activity, challenges of the style and personal reflections on the advantages of the location and experience.


Besides what worked into the Dancing Diaries, I also tried my hand at interviews. Here is one that I edited and set to music for Movement Museum:
Interview for show Domestik

Also during my gap year, I started interviewing songwriters about their compositional process and worked on editing these hour long discussions to more succinct demonstrations of strategy for imbuing music with audible meaning.  None are finished yet, but I may yet come back to the project.

Performance gear: action into sound

Some strange things happen when technology wanders on stage. Here are links to recent projects using biosignals in musical performances:

The Pop-o-Metre

The MorgraFinn

Soon to be added: another AirTheremin and Head bobbing power tracking.


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