Finn past

Until 2011, I was a Masters student in Music Technology back at McGill University. Under the supervision of Stephen McAdams, I continued to research on the experience of music through time, with a focus on developing relevant data analysis techniques for continuous measure of experience collected from live audiences (see Research).

My previous studies at McGill resulted in a B. Mus in Music Theory and a B. Sc. in Mathematics, both completed in 2008. During that time, I also got heavily involved in student government and university governance–a progression which culminating in working full time as the Vice-President (University Affairs) of the SSMU for the 2006-2007 academic year. When I returned to the institution, I tried to restrict my extracurricular obligations to The Flat, a DIY bike mechanic workshop/collective on campus, but also took some time to represent music students to PGSS and participating in CIRMMT as Axis 5 student co-leader.

During my gap year, I had the pleasure of touring with the Otesha Project‘s Rising Tide Tour of 2008. While sharing with kids ways to live more sustainably though theater and by example, I learned to love the bicycle. Once back in Montreal, I began playing with sound editing, which lead me to volunteer at CKUT. Community radio let me on the air, cohosting Movement Museum, where I began the Dancing Diaries project, exploring the artistic possibilities, social contexts and technical challenges of different dancing opportunities. Since returning to school, radio air time and the systematic investigation of dance have had to go on hold, but they may yet rise again.

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