Repeated Response Case Studies

Following the fruitful results of the Solo Response Project, exposing the consistencies and inconsistencies of my own responses to music, the obvious follow up was to conduct the same kind of study on other listeners. As part of my dissertation research, I conducted four Repeated Response Case Studies, and that data is now online for any and all to look at themselves!

For the Repeated Response Case Studies, participants were selected from a call for people who enjoyed listening to music. These four were chosen because they contrasted in their ways of engaging with music and in their athletic training. Each listened to seven experimentor-selected pieces and four more of their own choosing (within some conditions). Over six weeks, they came into the lab to listen alone in a sound proof booth, for a total of twelve listenings per stimulus.

Their responses were measured through psychophysiolgical sensors () and self report via post stimulus questions. All of this is now published in CSV files on figshare, so if this is your thing, go get it! And long live open science!

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