CRAW: online resource for a certain kind of music research

In the midst of writing my thesis, the Continuous Response Analysis Wiki grew from one idea into a few other things. The wiki was meant to be a collaborative gathering of techniques used to make sense of continuous responses to music (data collected from people listening to music continuously, like ratings or skin conductance or the like). With more time, the analysis pages should grow in number and detail. At present, this wiki is first and formost a database of articles on continuous responses to music, described so as to facilitate finding related research in this subfield that somehow gets published in at least 20 different journals.

To help explore this list of article, associated data sets, and corresponding definitions of continuous response measures and analysis techniques, the wiki uses Semantic MediaWiki, an extension of the MediaWiki base for linking and searching semantic content. Users can search for data sets making use of “Tension” ratings, for example, because continuous measures are properties tagged automatically when users input information using the specially made forms.

I hope I have time to keep developing the wiki, and that others jump in a contribute as well. If it remains an article database, that is still useful for students and researchers looking to know what has been asked and measured in previous experiments. And if it grows into an encyclepedia of techniques that are described in useful terms for researchers at different levels of numerical experience, it can only improve the quality research in the future.

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