As of January, I will once again be a degree persuing student at McGill University. I’ll be continuing to do my data analysis development for music cognition research (continuous ratings and all that) within the remarkably flexible MA in Music Technology. I know, I know, I said I’d had enough of McGill, but this is a chance to develop further the ideas started in my undergrad studies and learn how better to contribute to this messy research area. And I have to admit that the course work that isn’t directly related to music cognition is still very interesting, and in my mind, just as relevant to my academic development.

I wonder when I’ll stop being so surprised by all the stuff people have already done. It really makes me feel like a neophyte which, in terms of grad studies, I am. Don’t get me wrong – I always assume that whatever I find interesting has been interesting to other before me, and thus, the obvious corollaries are probably already articulated. The problem is finding where they were left by other curious parties. It would have save me some time had I known that the discrete integration I’d been using for modeling was just your run of the mill convolution in digital signal processing land. In particular, people would have trusted the process more readily had I used someone else’s terminology…

Considering how much I have learned through the prereq classes, I am keen for more, because it seems that people in music tech think in interesting ways.

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