Montreal Dancing Diaries, Part 1

Hey Guys,

So some of you know that I’ve begun volunteering around CKUT, and have gotten involved with the Dance show: Movement Museum. In this context, I finally have an excuse to start playing around with audio editing and documentary creating – satisfying my curiousity re:podcasts and other fantastic constructions.

I am starting a series (only one is as of yet finished) called the Montreal Dancing Diaries which will be 5 minute segments on various kinds of dancing you can do around town. The first one, on Tango, will air on tomorrow’s Movement Museum show (14h-15h EST, 90.3 FM in the Montreal region, or online) but if you are curious to hear it otherwise, I’ve got it online:

I still have a lot of learning to do WRT editing and voice overs (uhg the effort of not sounding contrived!) but for a first go, I am pretty proud. Everything but my voice overs were recorded at the Tango lesson I attended (less than a hours worth of material), and so the music was not separable form the background noise or the interview, making transitions a bit of a challenge.

Anyway – I am glad it is done. Now to plot the next one!


5 thoughts on “Montreal Dancing Diaries, Part 1

  1. Thoughts that brighten my mood:
    * Thinking of you in heels :P (making faces)
    * Thinking of some poor new lead getting broken in by you
    * Thinking of the Tango scene in true lies

    1. Ha! I was going to take that line out, but forgot. Glad you liked it!

      It’s surprisingly hard to evoke the experience of dancing, so little clues like that are big part of making the motion distinct. And the absurd sultry voice is consistent to the genre. I wonder how I will have to talk about hip hop.

      1. Finn in da hizzy

        &If you watch how I move you’ll mistake me for a playa or pimp
        Been hit wit a few books but I don’t dance wit a limp &

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